DabFace Cartridges



Concentration is key

Any measure of success starts with concentration.

From conception, our goal was to provide extraordinary
experiences with the unparalleled flavor, potency, and
the purity of our concentrates, for those who appreciate
a supreme high and life at 100%.

Solvent-free with a fresh clean flavor! Dab Face took it back to the lab to bring their award winning concentrates to cartridges.

DabFace is back with a new look and all your favorites, available in 500mg Cartridges!

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Dab Face Cartridges

Cotton Confetti Cartridge, Fire OG Wild Card Cartridge, Harvest Apple Cartridge, J1 Cartridge, Lemon Guru, Melon Goo Cartridge, OG Jack Cartridge, Orange Dream Cartridge, Passion Fruit Cartridge, Riddler Cartridge, Silver Haze Cartridge, Strawberry Wild Cartridge