5 Smoke-Free Cannabis Methods You Need to Try

When you think about cannabis, you probably imagine someone with a joint or a pipe taking a long inhale and exhaling a cloud of smoke.

For some, this sounds like an ideal experience.

For others, they want nothing to do with it but are still interested in experiencing the benefits and fun that cannabis products can offer.

If you don’t love the smell of cannabis, if you’re just looking to be discreet, or if you’re just interested in trying something new, there are many ways to ingest cannabis without smoking it.

You shouldn’t need to settle when it comes to cannabis products, so we wrote up this list so you don’t have to.

1. Edibles

If you’re looking for a creative, yummy, and smoke-free way to ingest cannabis, edibles are your best friend!

Many brands carry snacks and treats that taste nothing like cannabis and will get you high for hours. Edibles are one of the most discreet consumption methods, and also one of the most potent.

A lot of medical patients turn to edibles for the heavy body high, pain relief, and the longevity of the high.

Recreational users like edibles because they provide an unforgettably potent experience with a very friendly and unintimidating consumption method. After all, we all know how to eat a cookie! Check out this blog to learn the 4 easy steps to prepare for an edible high.

Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - smoke-free
Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - smoke-free

2. Tinctures

Not only are tinctures a great smoke-free method, but they’re also amazing for precise dosing.

They typically come in glass bottles or vials with droppers and are made with high-percentage alcohol.

But don’t worry; these tinctures will not get you drunk.

The alcohol is only there to extract terpenes and other natural chemical compounds from the rest of the plant material.

Tinctures can be consumed orally, sublingually, or infused in your favorite dish to cook.

Tinctures shine for their precision dosage consumption, as well as an effective and fast-acting smoke-free method.

3. Topicals

This is the perfect smoke-free consumption method for those who are specifically looking to relieve body pain.

Topicals come in the form of cannabis-infused oils, salves, lotions, and other methods that can be absorbed through the skin.

They are most popularly chosen for muscle tension, inflammation, and soreness.

They won’t typically give you the same potent high as smoking cannabis would, and even a THC-rich topical will still be very gentle and subtle.

Depending on the brand and ingredients used, different topicals have different benefits.

Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - smoke-free
Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - smoke-free

4. Vape

Using a vape pen is one of the most travel-friendly smoke-free methods out there.

The pen itself is discreet and usually durable depending on the brand.

Coming in a variety of strains, flavors, and THC:CBD ratios, vape pens are a versatile and highly customizable method.

While you are inhaling and exhaling the vapor, you aren’t smoking.

Since the cannabis oil is heated, and not combusted, fewer carcinogenic compounds are released when you’re vaping cannabis than if you were smoking it.

Even though cannabis smoke is significantly less toxic than cigarette smoke, the combustion of anything isn’t the best for your lungs.

Using a vape pen is also great for someone who used to enjoy smoking, and continues to enjoy the physical act of smoking, but wants something easier on the lungs.

5. Capsule

If you’re used to taking pills and enjoy the simplicity and comfort of taking one, then a cannabis capsule or pill will be your new favorite smoke-free consumption method.

Not to mention the precise dosing and lack of calories that this method has to offer.

This method is perfect for someone who has trusted pharmaceutical drugs for their whole lives but is now opening their mind to the possibility of trying cannabis products.

This safe and discreet method is also optimally metabolized, just like a pill you’d be used to taking already.

Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - smoke-free

To learn more about the best smoke-free methods that you can use to ingest cannabis, come on in and chat with one of our knowledgeable and helpful budtenders! Our staff is here to help you and show you that the cannabis experience can be as fun, safe, and discreet as you want it to be.

Have you tried any of these methods before? Which one is your personal favorite? Do you have any friends or family members you think might benefit from a smoke-free cannabis method? Do you think people would be more open to trying cannabis if they knew about all of the smoke-free options?  Let us know in the comments section below.