How to Roll Cool Joints in Minutes

So you’ve mastered rolling a classic joint. Now it’s time to take things to the next level. This blog will show you joints that you may have never seen before. It’ll also teach you how to roll these in a matter of minutes. Impress your friends, and get super high.

We’ve taken the three most creative and cool joints to roll and broken down the steps as simply as we could.

The Braided Joint

Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - how to roll cool joints

If you’re learning how to roll cool joints, the braided joint is one of the must-dos.

The first step for this joint is to roll three normal joints or use the three pre-rolls you just picked up from our dispensary.

Add your crutch or filter to all three.

Then, you’ll want to bind the base of all of the joints together.

To do this, take a piece of rolling paper and carefully rip a thin slice off of it lengthwise so that you have a long, skinny piece of rolling paper.

Use that piece, with a bit of spit, to wrap the end of your three joints together.

Once they’re securely bounded, then, do like a teenage girl and get to braiding.

If you don’t know how to braid, there are tons of YouTube videos out there for you.

Once everything is all braided and it’s looking nice, rip off another long and thin piece of rolling paper, and bind the other end the same way you did to the first end.

This end may take more spit though because it’s likely that your three joints may try harder to break apart at this end than the other end.

And viola! You either have a beautiful braided joint, or you have something that looks kind of like a crazy octopus.

The Cross Joint

Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - how to roll cool joints

You saw it in Pineapple Express, and you’ve seen it everywhere since then.

Chances are, when you saw “how to roll cool joints”, your brain probably sent you an image of a cross joint because it’s so classic.

First step is to roll two joints.

One joint should be significantly larger than the other, and if you plan on using a filter, be sure to attach it only to the bigger joint.

You’ll be lighting both ends of the smaller joint.

Use a paper clip or another small pokey object to poke a hole in the larger joint wherever you’d like your cross to be.

Gently wiggle the pokey object in your bigger joint to slowly and carefully make the hole larger until the smaller joint can fit through it.

Then poke a small hole in your smaller joint right where it’ll intersect with your big joint.

This is for maximum airflow.

Carefully rip off the gum strip (the sticky part) off of a piece of rolling paper and wrap it around the center.

Use as many strips as you have to until it’s airtight. Now, enjoy the holiest joint out there!

The Tulip Joint

Alternative Medical Center blogs - AMC - how to roll cool joints

When you’re in Amsterdam and you ask how to roll cool joints, a tulip joint will be the first thing someone will want you to roll.

It’s probably the most complicated joint to roll on this list, but it’s worth it. Why?

Because it’s awesome, and it’s pretty much the epitome of Amsterdam culture.

Start by making a filter/crutch/roach/whatever you want to call it about the same length and diameter as a pencil and then seal it with as many rolling papers as it takes.

Set that aside, and take another two more rolling papers and stick them together to form a square with the gummed strip running along one side.

Fold one corner of the square to meet the opposite corner, and then wet the strip to fold it over to seal your triangle.

You should now have something that resembles a flattened version of a paper cone.

Then, open up your new cone and tightly pack it with your favorite strain of grinded cannabis.

Then gently bring the excess paper at the end of the cone together.

Then grab that long filter we had you make earlier, and place it in the center of your big cone, using the excess cone paper to hold it in position.

Finally, secure the filter in your tulip cone with a piece of thread or hemp wick.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses (or tulips) while you enjoy this masterpiece of a joint!

If you’re still having trouble rolling a normal joint, feel free to stop by our shop and pick up some pre-rolls to skip that step!

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