8 Cannabis Myths Everyone Should Know the Truth About

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There are so many cannabis myths out there which is why we’ve taken the liberty of setting the record straight.

Myth #1: George Washington grew weed in his own backyard. Myth #2: Cannabis makes sex bad. Myth #3: You can get high from eating raw cannabis. Myth #4: Cannabis causes cancer.
The Truth: He actually grew hemp, not cannabis. Believe it or not, weed you like to smoke and the hemp plant are two very different things. The Truth: 67% of participants in a Canadian survey agreed that marijuana enhances sex. The Truth: Eating raw cannabis won’t get you high. You can only get high from eating cannabis extract after it’s been infused into your food. The Truth: Scientists have found that a compound in cannabis actually stops metastasis in some aggressive¬†forms of cancer.
Myth #5: Cannabis is a gateway drug. Myth #6: Cannabis kills brain cells. Myth #7: Smoking weed is just as bad, or worse, as smoking cigarettes. Myth #8: You can overdose and die on cannabis.
The Truth: Alcohol is the real gateway drug, and people have even begun to use cannabis as a means to wean themselves off of prescription drugs, alcohol, and other harmful drugs. The Truth: Cannabis has no neurotoxic effects on our brain cells (or neurons). The Truth: Cannabis is significantly better for your health than tobacco cigarettes. The Truth: There has never been a reported cannabis overdose death.

Which of these cannabis myths were you most surprised to find out about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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